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Program description (English)A non-signature anti-virus offering preventive protection against the latest active threats, targeted attacks, and attempts by Trojans and exploits to use vulnerabilities, including zero-day ones, to penetrate systems, that is unknown to your anti-virus. Neutralises the latest malicious programs that have been designed to bypass detection by traditional signature-based scanning and heuristic mechanisms and that are completely new and not yet known to your anti-virus. Starts protecting a system during the boot-up phase, even before the traditional, signature-based anti-virus is loaded! Neutralises the actions of active malware programs without overloading the system. Analyses the behaviour of each threat in real time by comparing it with the reputation information stored in the Dr.Web Cloud which is constantly being updated. Immediately neutralises harmful scripts and processes that your anti-virus did not manage to recognise. Monitors all system processes and blocks those that exhibit malicious behaviour. Determines whether a program is dangerous and then takes whatever measures are necessary to neutralise the threat. Does not require any configuration and starts operating effectively as soon as its installed. Protects the system even if a PC is not connected to the Internet.
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NameDIGITAL SKILLS... DIGITALLY YOURS | Dr.Web Katana   Dr.Web Katana
Release date2018-11-14
Size41.51 MB
System requirementRAM: at least 100 MB.. Free disk space: ~150 МБ.
TypeShareware ($ 27.60)
Category / SubcategorySecurity & Privacy / Anti-Virus Tools
Available languagesEnglish  
ChangesChanges made to the Anti-rootkit API: Enhanced behaviour analysis for running processes (fewer Preventive Protection false positives) Changes made to the updating module: An infinite loop issue that could arise after code 407 was repeatedly returned by the Dr.Web updating server has been resolved
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OS supportWin2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
AuthorE-sales department Doctor Web
ContactE-sales department Doctor Web
Site nameE-sales department Doctor Web
Site titleDr.Web anti-virus
Site descriptionDoctor Web is the Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software. The company is a key player on the Russian market for software that meets the fundamental need of any business - information security. Doctor Web is one of the few anti-virus vendors in the world to have its own technologies to detect and cure malware. Our anti-virus protection system allows the information systems of our customers to be protected from any Internet threats.
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Company nameDoctor Web
Permission DistributionShareware
E.U.L.A.The following License Agreement (hereinafter Agreement) is concluded between you, a legal entity or a home user (hereinafter User), and Doctor Web Ltd. (hereinafter Rights Holder), the owner of the exclusive property rights to the Dr.Web® family of software (hereinafter Software), in which technologies and software from other vendors may be incorporated in cases where the corresponding rights have been acquired under the laws of the Russian Federation and International Law: 1. The terms herein apply to Software that incorporates this Agreement. 2. The User agrees with terms herein in full from the moment they start using the Software. 3. If the User disagrees with any or all terms of the present License Agreement, the User has no right to copy, install, launch or use the Software in any other way. A violation of the terms of the present Agreement by the User is considered an unauthorized use of the Software and entails civil, administrative and criminal responsibility. 4. If the User is a legal owner of a copy of the Software and has accepted the terms and conditions herein, the User is granted the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Software in any part of the world in a way that is limited to installing the Software, and launching and loading it into the memory of a computer. 4.1. The period within which the copy usage right is granted, the number of PCs, information about availability of technical support and other Software copy usage terms selected by the user during lawful acquisition of the Software copy are defined in the license key file that activates the Software copy and ensures its operability. 4.2. The User’s legally obtained alphanumeric Software copy code (serial number) is used to generate a license key file. The serial number is registered on a corresponding web page of the Rights Holder’s website ( or by means of the automatic renewal and registration utility during Software installation (an Internet connection is required). Once the serial number is registered, a key file that activates the Software is generated automatically. 5. The User is entitled to use the Software only if the User fully agrees with all the terms herein and fully complies with them. 5.1. The Software can be used only within the period and on the number of computers as defined in the license key file under paragraphs 4.1-4.2 herein. 5.2. The User understands and agrees with the terms of the Rights Holder’s privacy policy published on the Rights Holder’s web-site ( and also agrees and understands that information obtained from the User during the registration process (including personal data), as well as information reported upon contacting the Rights Holder’s Technical Support Service, can be used by the Rights Holder at its discretion (e.g. forwarded to a third party), including for sending emails to the address specified by the User. 5.3. The User understands and agrees that in the course of its operation the Software can send to the Rights Holder information (including, but not limited to) about identified threats and user browsing history and agrees to receive service messages ( notifications/) from the Rights holder via e-mail at the address specified during registration of the Software. 5.4. The User is entitled to create as many copies of the license key file as required to install the Software on the number of computers defined in the license key file. In addition, the User may store no more than two copies of the license key file. The User may not give these copies to a third party or place them on tangible media that is accessible to a third party or make the files accessible to the public over the Internet or by any other means. If User’s legally obtained key file has been lost, deleted or rendered invalid, the Rights Holder may consider the User’s request to restore it. 5.5. The User is granted the right to receive, through the Internet, virus database updates as well as upgrades of the software modules as they are made available by the Rights Holder, through the entire software usage period. All Software updates are an integral part thereof and are used solely in conjunction with the Software under the terms of this Agreement, unless other conditions are established by the Rights Holder in addition to the terms defined herein. © Doctor Web, 2003 — 2014 125124, Russia, Moscow, 3d street Yamskogo polya 2-12A Phone: +7 (495) 789–45–87 Fax: +7 (495) 789–45–97 Defend what you create 5.6. If the user acquires the Software on terms that provide technical support, the user is entitled throughout the Software usage period to contact the technical support of the Rights Holder or that of the Software distributor, who has concluded a corresponding agreement with the Rights Holder. 5.7. The User may not distribute the Software in any format and by any means including selling, renting, leasing, and importing the Software for any of the aforementioned purposes. 5.8. The User may not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt, or perform any other actions with the Software object code with the aim of obtaining information about the algorithms implemented in the Software, unless compelled to perform such actions by law or in possession of written permission from the Rights Holder to do so. The User may not modify the internal protection mechanism of the Software. Knowingly using and/or copying the Software, when self-protection has been removed or is non-operational, is illegal. 5.9. The Software is not meant to be used and may not be used in information systems operating in a hazardous environment or in life support systems where software failure may endanger the health or life of a human being or cause losses of any kind. 5.10. This Agreement does not grant the User any rights with respect to any trade marks and logos owned by the Rights Holder. 5.11. The Software is intended for use only by the User to whom it was originally given under the terms of this Agreement. Providing the Software to third parties is prohibited. The rights regarding usage of the Software can be transferred to a third party only in cases and under the procedure as defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation. 6. The Software, its components, and the accompanying documentation are provided to the User as is, without any express or implied warranty of any kind. The Rights Holder is not liable to the User for any problems that arise or may arise, including but not limited to, while the User is installing, updating, supporting, and maintaining the Software (including compatibility issues with other software products, drivers, etc.), problems due to the User’s misinterpretation of guidance provided in the documentation, or failure of the Software to meet the User’s expectations. 7. The Copyright-holder is not liable to you for possible negative consequences of any kind, including (without limitation) those caused by the incompatibility or conflict between the Software and other software products installed on the same computer, incompatibility or conflict with the computer hardware 8. The relations between the Rights Holder and the User under this Agreement are governed by the law of the Russian Federation. All disputes related to adherence to the terms herein are to be resolved in corresponding courts at the Rights Holder’s location. 9. The Rights Holder can change terms of this agreement unilaterally. A new version of the agreement shall enter into force as soon as the user is notified about changes to the agreement by the Rights Holder.