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Program description (English)AnyTrans 7 is the ultimate iProduct manager that converge your entire apple products and consolidates every access to all your content in one place, including music, videos, photos, messages, books, Safari history, voice memo, and more. No matter the content is from your iPhone, computer, even iTunes or iCloud. It gives efficient & minimalist control and absolute freedom over all your iOS data and files. #1 Move everything from Android device to your new iPhone - Transfer the most of your Android content to your new iPhone, including messages, photos, contact, even music and call log, etc. #2 Migrate everything from old iPhone to your new one within one click clone - Upon just one simple click, everything from your old iPhone, even from iPad - will be cloned to your new iPhone. #3 Download millions of online videos and audios - Download your favorite online videos from Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, and another 900+ sites directly to your iPhone iPad for offline watching, or to your computer for collection. #4 Easily manage all your contents on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Browse, edit and export important music, messages, notes, and more personal data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. #5 Full-way transfer across your iOS devices, iTunes, iCloud and computer - gets anything transferred freely between your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iTunes, iCloud and computer - from iPhone to computer, iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iTunes, computer to iPhone, etc.#6 Back up your iPhone iPad automatically as scheduled. Preview all your iTunes and iCloud backups & selectively extract contents from any of those backups to iPhone or computer. #7 Make your own ringtone with audio from iPhone, iTunes Library, computer, or YouTube. #8 Search and download iOS apps to computer for backup, and update, uninstall all iOS apps at one place. #9 Transfer, backup, and restore social media data, covering WhatsApp, LINE, and Viber.
Program description (French)AnyTrans est un gestionnaire excellent pour les contenus d’iDevices. Il donne à la fois le contrôle et la liberté sur toutes les données iOS, y compris la musique, les vidéos, les photos, les messages, les livres, l'histoire Safari, Voice Memo, etc. Même pour les contenus sur un iPhone, le sauvegarde iTunes ou l’iCloud. #1 La meilleure expérience de la gestion de musique se trouve juste près de vous - AnyTrans est destiné à vous offrir la meilleure expérience à gérer et partager de la musique depuis votre iPhone. Avec sa conception ultra-moderne, sa vitesse ultra-rapide et conçu exclusivement pour les appareils Apple, il gère le contenu multimédia de votre iPhone, iPad, iPod et iTunes d’une manière excellent. #2 Adapter n'importe quelles vidéos à l'écran Retina, automatiquement - AnyTrans est la seule et première solution qui rend votre iPhone capable de jouer toutes les vidéos. En possédant un tel gestionnaire de fichiers iOS sur votre bureau, vous pouvez mettre tous vos films ou vidéos faites sur votre iPhone iPad. Avec la qualité du son et l’image optimisée, AnyTrans vous apporte la meilleure expérience visuelle. #3 Toujours placer vos photos au bon endroit - Enrichir ou simplifier votre photothèque avec AnyTrans dans une grande fenêtre. C'est le moyen le plus agréable pour organiser, jouer et partager les moments que vous avez photographiés. En quelques clics, vous pouvez transférer des milliers de photos ou même toute la bibliothèque iTunes entre iPhone, iPad et ordinateur, en une seule fois. #4 La mise à jour de votre iPhone est maintenant facile et flexible - AnyTrans rend le clonage une plaisanterie et vous laisse seulement le plaisir. Tous les contacts, photos, musique, messages, notes, calendrier, fond d’écran, etc. - chaque élément de données - sera envoyé de l'ancien iPhone vers votre nouvel iPhone 6 (Plus) d'un seul coup. Vous êtes aussi libre de cloner seulement des données partielles, comme vous le souhaitez. Comment et quoi cloner? Tout dépend
Program description (German)AnyTrans ist eine umfassende Verwaltungssoftware für Apple Gerät. Mit AnyTrans haben alle iOS Benutzer volle Kontrolle über ihre Dateien. Egal sind die Inhalte auf einem iPhone oder in iTunes Backup. #1 Erfahren das beste Musikmanagement- um Ihnen die beste iPhone Musik Teilungs- und Managementerfahrung zu bringen, dafür gibt es das neue AnyTrans. Dank ultra-modernem Design, super-schnellem Musiksynchronisierungstempo und weil es nur für Apple-Geräte kreiert wurde, eröffnet AnyTrans Ihnen einen völlig neuen Weg zum Managen Ihres iPhone, iPad, iPod und iTunes Medieninhalt ,welchen Sie bis jetzt für unmöglich gehalten haben. #2 Beliebige videos perfekt an das Retina Display automatisch passen - AnyTrans ist die einzige Software Lösung, die es Ihrem iPhone erlaubt sämtliche Ihrer Videos abzuspielen. Mit dem Besitz eines solchen iOS Dateienmanager, können Sie jetzt alle Ihre klassischen Filme oder Videokameraaufnahmen auf Ihrem iPhone oder iPad abspeichern. Die Ton- und Bildeinstellungen wurden so geändert, dass AnyTrans Ihnen die bestmögliche visuelle Erfahrung bieten kann. #3 Ihre Fotos immer an den richtigen Platz bringen - Benutzen Sie AnyTrans, um Ihre Fotobilbiothek mit einem großen Fenster oder Ihrem beliebtesten Foto zu verschönern oder zu vereinfachen. Es ist der bequemste Weg, um Ihre Schnappschüsse zu organisieren, genießen und teilen. Stellen Sie sich vor, dass Sie mit nur ein paar Klicks tausende Fotos oder sogar Ihre gesamte Bibliothek, alles auf einmal, zwischen iPhone, iPad und Computer übertragen können. #4 Aktualisieren Sie jetzt Ihr iPhone leicht und flexibel - AnyTrans macht solches Klonen wie Kinderspiel und bringt Ihnen nur Genuss. Alle Kontakte, Fotos, Musik, Nachrichten, Notizen, Kalender, Wallpaper usw. Alle Dateien werden vom alten iPhone auf neues iPhone 6 (Plus ) verschoben, nur mit einem Klick. Sie sind auch in der Lage, auf Ihren Wunsch nur ein Teil von Dateien zu klonen. Wie und was geklont wird? Alles hängt von Ihnen ab.
Program description (Japanese)AnyTransは強力かつ完全なアップルデバイスのコンテンツ管理ソフトです。そのコンテンツがiPhone、iTunesバックアップ、あるいはiCloudからのものであるにかかわらず、ユーザーのすべてのiOSデータとファイル、たとえば、音楽、ビデオ、写真、メッセージ、ブック、Safari履歴、ボイスメールなどを自由に管理させます。 #1最高な音楽管理の体験を手元に―全く新しいAnyTransはあなたに最高なiPhone音楽の共有と管理の体験を提供するために作られたものです。超モダンなデザイン、超高速の音楽の同期スピード、さらにAppleデバイスに専念しています。AnyTransはこれまでにないほど、想像できないバスでお使いのiPhone、iPad、iPod、およびiTunesのメディアコンテンツを管理します。 #2自動に任意のビデオをRetinaディスプレイに完璧にふさわしいものに―AnyTransはあなたが持つすべてのビデオを再生できるようにする画期的なツールです。デスクトップ上のiOSファイルマネージャのように、直にお使いのiPhoneやiPadにすべての古典的な映画やビデオカメラの記録を自由に転送します。音と映像が完全に最適化されていましたから、AnyTransは最高なビジュアル体験をもたらすことができます。 #3 いつも写真を正しいところに―大きなウィンドウでフォトライブラリおよびお気に入りの写真を豊か・シンプルにするようにAnyTransを使用ください。それは撮った瞬間を、管理、楽しみ、共有する最適な方法です。想像してみて、数クリックだけで、iPhone、iPadとコンピュータの間に、何千枚もの写真、さらにライブラリ全体を転送できます。 #4 iPhoneのアップグレードを簡単かつ柔軟になる―AnyTransは素晴らしいクローン機能を持っています。連絡先、写真、ミュージック、メッセージ、メモ、カレンダー、壁紙など小さいデータまでも、一回で古いiPhoneから新iPhone 6 (Plus)に移行することができます。また、お好きなように、単に部分のデータをクローンしてもいいです。つまり、どのように、どんなデータをクローンするには、すべてあなた自分次第です。
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NameDIGITAL SKILLS... DIGITALLY YOURS | AnyTrans for Mac 7.5.0   AnyTrans for Mac
Release date2019-05-23
Size6.94 MB
System requirementiTunes 9.0 or above; iTunesMobileDevice driver installed
TypeShareware ($ 39.99)
Category / SubcategorySystem Utilities / File & Disk Management
Available languagesEnglish  French  German  Japanese  
Changes1.Revamped Backup Manager feature to offer a better experience in backing up iPhone. 2.Added the feature to transfer, back up, and restore social media data, covering WhatsApp, LINE, Viber. 3.Media Downloader now supports key words search and downloading videos in different resolutions & formats.
Limitations7-day trial, 50-item per day transfer limit
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OS supportMac OS X
AuthorFrank Kong
ContactFrank Kong
Site nameFrank Kong
Company nameiMobie Inc.
Permission DistributionThe trial version of My Software can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchanged form.
E.U.L.A.PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. YOU AGREE THAT ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BELOW APPLY TO YOU AND ANYONE ELSE WHO USES THIS SOFTWARE, IF EITHER: YOU CLICK THE 'I ACCEPT THE AGREEMENT' BUTTON, OR YOU COPY, INSTALL, OR USE THIS COPY OF AnyTrans SOFTWARE, OR YOU PERMIT OR ENABLE OTHERS TO COPY, INSTALL OR USE THIS AnyTrans SOFTWARE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, PLEASE TERMINATE INSTALLATION IMMEDIATELY, AND DO NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE. 1. SOFTWARE COVERED BY THIS LICENSE. This license agreement ('Agreement') applies only to the version of the AnyTrans software package ('AnyTrans') with which this Agreement is included by the iMobie Inc ('iMobie'). Different license terms may apply to other software packages or other materials from iMobie, and license terms for later versions of AnyTrans may also be changed. 2. COPYRIGHT. This PhoneClean SOFTWARE is owned by iMobie and protected by copyright law and international copyright treaties. You may not remove or conceal any proprietary notices, labels or marks from this software. 3. USE LICENSE. (a) Original Distribution Package Necessary. In order to qualify for the use of the license described below, you must have downloaded or received AnyTrans in the form of an original AnyTrans distribution package which must be distributed by iMobie, and all files must contain such package ('Original Distribution Package'). Current Original Distribution Packages for AnyTrans are available from iMobie and iMobie-authorized AnyTrans distributors. Copies of PhoneRescue not received an Original Distribution Package are not licensed for use, copying or transmission by you or others. (b) You may, free of charge: install and use the trial version of AnyTrans free of charge, for the purpose of scanning files and data on any iOS devices. use this software during an evaluation period (7 days). After that, if you wish to continue to use AnyTrans, you MUST register. copy, store, distribute and transmit identical copies of this AnyTrans Original Distribution Package to others free of charge, as long as it is it is deemed to be authorized by iMobie. 'Proper use' of AnyTrans means use the AnyTrans program fully in accordance with iMobie guidelines, as such guidelines may be changed, clarified or corrected by iMobie from time to time. If you have any questions about how to use this AnyTrans program properly, you may contact iMobie via the contact information included in this Original Distribution Package. (c) You may, after register AnyTrans: get license code to activate full functional AnyTrans. use this software with full functional features. get 24/7/365 priority customer support via email. (d) You may not: permit others to use this AnyTrans program unless they are properly licensed by iMobie, either under this agreement or another agreement from iMobie. modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on this AnyTrans software. sell or license copies of AnyTrans to others. remove any proprietary notices or labels on AnyTrans or any other iMobie software. use AnyTrans for High Risk Activities (defined below) (e) All rights not expressly granted by iMobie in this Agreement are entirely and exclusively reserved to iMobie. 4. SUPPORT. AnyTrans contains online help guidelines. And the email support is available for both unlicensed and licensed copies. iMobie is not obligated by this Agreement to provide License with any technical support service or an additional charge or get free e-mail support as iMobie may offer from time to time during the term of this Agreement. E-mail support includes business priority technical assistance for installation and troubleshooting, and upgrade and maintenance coverage. 5. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY. iMobie DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU HAD FULL OPPORTUNITY TO TEST AnyTrans BEFORE ANY LIVE, PUBLIC OR PRODUCTION USE, SO THAT YOU ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR SELECTING AND USING AnyTrans, AND THAT IF YOU USE AnyTrans IMPROPERLY OR AGAINST INSTRUCTIONS, YOU MAY POSSIBlY CAUSE DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER, CELLPHONE, TABLET COMPUTER, OTHER FACILITY AND FACILITY SYSTEM. THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF AnyTrans IS BORNE BY YOU. THIS DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY CONSTITUTES AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THE AGREEMENT. Some jurisdictions do not allow exclusions of an implied warranty, so this disclaimer may not apply to you and you may have other legal rights that vary by jurisdiction. 7. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. IN NO EVENT SHALL iMobie, OR ITS MEMBERS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AFFILIATES, CONTRACTORS, SUBSIDIARIES, OR PARENT ORGANIZATIONS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, CLAIMS, OR COSTS WHATSOEVER, OR FOR ANY DATA LOSS ARISING FROM ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, IMPROPER OPERATIONS OR ANY LOSS OF PROFITS OR SAVINGS, EVEN IF A PRESENTATIVE OF iMobie OR ONE OF iMobie’s AFFILIATE HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH LOSS, DAMAGES, CLAIMS, OR COSTS, OR FOR ANY CLAIM BY ANY THIRD PARTY. Some jurisdictions do not allow exclusion or limitation of liability for incidental or consequential damages, therefore the above limitation may not apply to you. 8. RESTRICTED RIGHTS LEGEND. Use, duplication, or disclosure by the U.S. Government is subject to the restrictions set forth in subparagraphs (a) through (d) of the Commercial Computer-Restricted Rights clause at FAR 52.227-19 when applicable, or in subparagraph (c)(1)(ii) of the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause at DFARS 252.227-7013, or at 252.211-7015, as applicable, and in similar clauses in the NASA FAR Supplement. 9. TITLE. iMobie owns the AnyTrans software, all materials in this AnyTrans Original Distribution Package, and the “iMobie” and “AnyTrans” trademarks, which is based on the copyright and trademark laws and all other related laws. 10. TERMINATION. If you breach this Agreement, your right to use AnyTrans will terminate immediately and without notice, but all provisions of this Agreement will survive termination and continue in effect.. Upon termination, you must destroy all copies of the AnyTrans software and all other materials in this AnyTrans Original Distribution Package, and, at iMobie's sole discretion, all of the files created when using AnyTrans. 11. HIGH RISK ACTIVITIES. AnyTrans is not fault-tolerant and is not designed, manufactured or intended for use or resale as on-line control equipment in hazardous environments that requires fail-safe performance, such as in the operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communication systems, air traffic control, direct life support machines, or weapons systems, in which the illegal use of AnyTrans may directly lead to death, personal injury, or severe physical or environmental damage ('High Risk Activities'). iMobie and its suppliers specifically disclaim any express or implied warranty of fitness for High Risk Activities. 12. GENERAL. This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter herein and supersedes all previous and contemporaneous agreements, proposals and communications, written or oral between you and iMobie. Waiver by iMobie of any violation of any provision of this Agreement shall not be deemed to waive any further or future violation of the same or any other provision. This Agreement and any dispute relating to AnyTrans or to this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United States and the laws of the State of Washington, without regarding to U.S. or Washington choice of law rules. You agree and consent that jurisdiction and proper venue for all claims, actions and proceedings relating to iMobie or the matters in this Agreement shall be exclusively located in Washington. If any part or provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable for any purpose, including but not limited to public policy grounds, then you agree that the remainder of the Agreement shall be fully enforceable as if the unenforceable part or provision never existed. And there are no third party beneficiaries of any promises, obligations or representations made by iMobie herein.