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Program description (English)Gone are the days of picking up photos at your local photo shop or drug store only to find out that so many potentially great pictures are useless due to improper lighting or poor composition. If only there was a way to fix those precious photos before they were printed. Produce Professional Photos Thanks to InPixio Photo Editor anyone can now produce professional looking photos that you can share on social media or send as postcards to family and friends. The free photo editor download from InPixio lets you add a wide range of impressive effects quickly and easily. Choose from a number of designs and frames to showcase the theme of your photos. Change Focus and Size of Photos The Cut and Crop feature of the InPixio free photo editor allows non-professionals to easily change both the focus and size of your photos. This an extremely useful feature when uploading your pictures to social media sites, sending them via email to family and friends, as well as preparing them for personal postcards. Fix Dull Or Overly Bright Photos Photos taken outdoors on an overcast day or in extreme sunshine can lose their intended appeal and end up not being suitable to share with others. The Photo Editing feature can easily turn a photo that looks dull or overly bright into one that will pop by allowing you to change the color and brightness of your picture. Enhance Your Photos Easily The free photo editing software provided by InPixio will make you feel like a pro. No need to discard or delete photos that you are not happy with how they turned out. Photos are precious memories of our lives, they depict moments that were special in some way so before deleting those special events and people, fix and enhance them with InPixio's easy to use photo editing software. Begin creating pictures that will be enjoyed and cherished by family and friends for generations to come. Create Professional Snapshots.
Program description (French)InPixio a developpé Free Photo Editor, un logiciel d'édition de photos gratuit pour tous ceux, qui souhaitent améliorer leurs photos en toute simplicité.
Program description (German)InPixio hat Free Photo Editor entwickelt, eine kostenloses Bildbearbeitungssoftware für alle, die Fotos ganz einfach in professionelle Bilder verwandeln wollen.
Program description (Italian)Facile! InPixio Photo Editor è stato progettato per essere semplice da usare. Filtri ed Effetti Aggiungere effetti impressionanti e trasformare le foto in opere d'arte rapidamente e facilmente.
Program description (Spanish)¡Fácil! InPixio Photo Editor fue diseñado para ser fácil de usar. Filtros y Efectos Añadir efectos impresionantes y dan vuelta a sus fotos en obras de arte rápido y fácil.
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NameDIGITAL SKILLS... DIGITALLY YOURS | InPixio Free Photo Editor 8.6   InPixio Free Photo Editor
Release date2018-11-28
Size188.46 MB
System requirement1 GHz Intel Pentium Processor or equivalent; 1 GB RAM; CD/DVD ROM; 15 MB hard drive space.
TypeFreeware ($ 0)
Category / SubcategoryGraphic Apps / Editors
Available languagesEnglish  French  German  Italian  Spanish  
ChangesNew tools: Sharpness Denoise Dehaze Selective retouching Film grain Cropping and 90° rotation Filmstrip sorting Online printing INPIXIO community help New filters, effects, frames, textures and more!
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OS supportWin2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
AuthorMichael InPixio Client Team
ContactMichael InPixio Client Team
Site nameMichael InPixio Client Team
Site titleInPixio - Photo Software
Site descriptionInPixio develops simple-to-use Photo Software allowing users to correct, retouch or improve their photos because: We love photos. InPixio has specialized in the fields of Digital Photo Software. Our software helps photo enthusiasts to delete and erase objects, to create photo montages, to increase the size of images. Everything you need to retouch your photos.
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Company nameInPixio
Permission Distribution'The version of InPixio Free Photo Editor can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchanged form'
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