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Program description (English)PloView is viewer for viewing drawing of HPGL/Vector/image file. And, it has about the same powerful input and edit function as 2D-CAD. (1) File: Support to many file formats Input: HPGL,HP-GL/2,HP RTL,PDF,DXF,DWG,GERBER,NC-Drill,IGES,SXF,EMF, TIFF,JPEG,Bitmap,PCX,FPX,GIF,PNG,CMT Output:HPGL,HP-GL/2,HP RTL,PDF,DXF,DWG,IGES,SXF,EMF,TIFF,JPEG,Bitmap, PCX,FPX,GIF,PNG,Printer,Plotter,WMF,PS,EPS,SVG,XPS,PCL,CMT Black / white and color copy to clipboard. (2) Display - Color and width change of line, 'black and white' / 'color' change, background color change, pen ON/OFF - Display mode (Copy/Merge/Xor/data) change - Rotation, mirror, grid displaying - Thumbnail display - Multi-page correspondence - Vector font / TrueType font change of text font (3) Request - Measurement function of coordinates, length, area, line width, and angle - Search text - Connected line search, the total line length measurement (4) Edit drawing (Comment function) * File: - New create - Input file of (1) - Save to file of (1) * Insert: Figure kind: Polyline, Arc, Circle, Horizontal line, Vertical line, Slanting line, Opposite side angle line, Regular polygon, Ellipse, Offset line, Free curve, Cloud shape line, Spline, Surface, Rectangle, Long circle, Text, Bitmap, Macro, Dimension (Horizontal, Vertical, Parallel, Angle, Radius, Diameter) Insert Coodinates at Key, Insert Same Point, Next Same Point, Insert-Grid ON/OFF * Set: Layer: 1..20, Set property * Edit: Select (individual, rectangular area, polygon area selecting), Move copy, Delete, Divide/Delete/Move/RouteChange polyline section, Delete line in selected area boundary, Trim, Change property, Change vertex R, Chamfer, Connect Line, Rotate copy, Scale Up/Down copy, Macro-izing, Macro breakup, ReDo, UnDo
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Release date2018-11-19
Size8.82 MB
System requirementMemory: 1GB or more, Screen resolution: 1024 dots x 768 dots Above
TypeShareware ($ 70)
Category / SubcategoryGraphic Apps / Viewers
Available languagesEnglish  
Changes(1) Combine files, divide a file. (2) Layer function added in PDF output. (3) Added function to attach PDF notes annotation to cloud mark closed loop with PDF output.
LimitationsStops working after 30 days.
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OS supportWin2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
AuthorUketsuke Tantou
ContactUketsuke Tantou
Site nameUketsuke Tantou
Site titleHPGL/Vector/Image Viewer PloView
Site descriptionPloView is cheap and highly efficient viewer based on HPGL (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language) of Hewlett-Packard which is plotter control language diffused as a de facto standard for drawing preparation. PloView can read not only HPGL but very many Graphic format files, and can carry out displaying, marking, printing, and data conversion. PloView series has plural products.
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Company nameIsoplotec Corporation
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