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Program description (English)CurvFit (tm) is a curve fitting program for Windows. Lorentzian, Sine, Exponential and Power series are available models to match your data. A Lorentzian series is highly recommended for real data especially for multiple peaked and/or valleys data. CurvFit is another improved productivity example do to using Calculus (level) programming ... ie. minutes to solve, days or years to understand solution and what it implies (e.g. wrong model, sampling rate error, etc.). Helps learn 1) whether math model is good for given data; 2) convergence implies a reasonable solution; 3) how to select new starting initial parameter values. See comments in EX*.? files for ideas on how to converge via solvers. Interpolation, extrapolation, & Hardcopy Plot options are now available. Industry problems with solutions over the past twenty plus years have been put into a textbook to show the power of Calculus (level) Problem-Solving. The textbook is on our website at . The software architect behind Calculus Compilers is Joe Thames (read about Joe on our About page). Help improve science and engineering productivity by supporting Joe Thames' MetaCalculus University Rollout efforts, visit, in developing MC Fortran. (There has been little if any corporate funding of Joe's work for many years!) Help future science & engineers get jobs upon graduation. With MC Fortran, one increases their productivity by a factor of twenty!
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Release date2018-10-01
Size5.86 MB
System requirementVB6 RunTime files + Windows
TypeFreeware ($ 0)
Category / SubcategoryEducation / Mathematics
Available languagesEnglish  
ChangesFixed an install error, and added some Presentation files to app.
LimitationsNo limitations
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OS supportWin2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
AuthorPhil Brubaker
ContactPhil Brubaker
Site namePhil Brubaker
Site titleHow can one increase productivity?
Site descriptionIndustry math problems solved with a Calculus-level language; tweaking parameters in algebra thru differential equations. Solutions are optimal! Over 90% reduction in time-to-solution is norm. Inverse, implicit, nonlinear, Initial & Boundary Value Problems (IVP & BVP), & any order problems solved. Tweaking parameters in equations is easy. Engineers & Scientists learn importance of goal setting. Proper goal leads to optimal solution!
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Company nameOptimal Designs Enterprise
Permission DistributionYou may include this program on any CD compilation. You may -not- sell this evaluation copy. You must disclose that this is freeware software.
E.U.L.A.You are required to license one copy of the software for each computer on which it is used; the fee for a license depends on the total number of copies you will use at one site. You may not make copies of this program for sale or distribution. This software is copyrighted and all rights therein are reserved for Optimal Designs Enterprise.